Common Guidelines & Rules

St.Jude’s Arts & Science College assumes that all students attending the college in all programmes are adult learners who have accepted the principle that they share ,along with the college ,the responsibility for creating and maintaining a respectful and productive learning environment .Students are expected to follow the guidelines given in this context.
  1. Be in the class before the second bell (9.25 AM & 1.25 PM) and stand up in silence for prayer at the stroke of third bell (9.30 AM ).
  2. Be regular in attending classes. Attendance will be marked at the beginning of each period by the teacher. When leave is required for unavoidable reasons the application for the same in the prescribed form recommended by the teacher in charge ,should be submitted to the office.
  3. In the case of leave on medical ground, medical certificate should be submitted within one week after coming to the college .Medical certificate produced after this period will not be considered for condonation and other purposes.
  4. No application for condonation will be recommended by the Principal unless he is satisfied that the shortage of attendance was due to a cause beyond the control of the student.
  5. The annual attendance progress certificate (APC) is required for promotion and for appearing in the university examination.
  6. Those who are absent for 14 consecutive days will be removed from the rolls.
  7. Students should wear identity card around their neck in the campus throughout the academic schedule .No student without identity card shall enter the class.
  8. Students should carry their identity cards when they represent the college any function outside. Loss of identity card must be intimated to the college office and get replaced at their own expense.
  9. Students should surrender their identity card when they complete their course to get their Transfer Certificate.
  10. Students should wear college uniform on all days except Wednesday’s .On Wednesday’s formal dress code has to be maintained .Low waist pants, T –shirts, leg-ins and fancy wears are not permitted.
  11. Students are strictly prohibited from indulging in anti-national and anti –social, communal and political activities in the campus.
  12. Campus keeps equal distance from all political organizations and political ideologies.
  13. Students are strictly prohibited from organizing ,attending or participating in any activity or agitation sponsored by students organizations of political parties
  14. No student shall circulate notices pamphlets, leaflets in the campus.
  15. Practice the general etiquettes while interacting with the faculty and other staff. Students should behave in a dignified and courteous manner towards all.
  16. Do not harass the fresher’s .Ragging of any kind amounts to criminal intimidation and offence. Ragging is prohibited both inside and outside the institution and punishable in the light of the Kerala Ragging Act published in 1998.
  17. Students are forbidden from collecting money from among themselves, for any purpose whatsoever, without obtaining the permission of the Principal.
  18. The use of mobile phone is strictly banned in the campus. In case of emergency if they bring the phone they may keep the phone in the college office and obtain permission from the authorities concerned and may be used outside the building .In case of any violation the mobile phone will be seized, and a fine of Rs 100/- will be levied for three times, and there after the phone will not be returned.
  19. All celebrations in the campus including union activities ,should be held only after getting prior permission from the Principal at least five working days prior to the event, with programme details ,guests attending, source of funds, expenditure estimates etc…
  20. Entry of student’s vehicle to the college campus is strictly prohibited. Only vehicles of staff are allowed inside the campus.
  21. Park the vehicles only in the allotted areas for students outside the campus .However differently abled students may use vehicles after obtaining prior written permission from the Principal.
  22. No type of vehicles should be used during celebrations inside the campus.
  23. The study tour applications and schedule recommended by the faculty in charge should be submitted to the Principal well in advance for approval by the Principal. A male &female faculty should accompany the students for the tour .Students should produce the consent of their parents for the same .Students while enjoying their trip should also maintain the required decorum and avoid anything that will tarnish the image of the institution.
  24. Keep the campus clean and avoid throwing the garbage in the campus .Help the domestic staff to maintain toilets and washing area clean.