The Peace Club is a great way for the students to turn commitment into action.It aims to make the students a responsible social being.It is a framework that promotes learning about peace and gaining skills to deal with conflicts;and then putting those elements together to find ways to take action to make a peaceful atmosphere in the campus, neighbourhood, locality and so on.It promotes humanity and works based on its motto "Together Towards Harmonious Peace".


Staff In-Charge  :  Ms.Chippy Raju




     The Nature Club aims at inculcating an appreciation of nature among students and encouraging them to participate in variety of conservation initiatives.The college works towards making the campus an eco-friendly place.To inculcate love and respect among the members for nature and thus work with a global perspective.Motivating students to value the environment.Organizing various eco-friendly activities and conducting excursions and plantation programmes.


Staff In-Charge  :  Ms.Anila James




      Women Cell of the college views itself as a facilitator for young women.It helps the students to realise their full potential and excercise their active influence on society.It aims at providing personal guidance,legal awareness on specific issues concerning women,counselling support etc.It also provides a platform for sharing the adolescent problems of the students and make a solution as soon as possible.


Staff In-Charge  :  Mrs.Soumya Thomas